General Information on Ghana’s Visa

Ghana’s Visa is basically an authorisation given to enable a person to travel and present himself for entry into Ghana. It has to be noted that a visa is not a guarantee of entry into Ghana since it is subject to regularisation and the fulfilment of other conditions at the point of entry.
The visa policy seeks to facilitate and regulate the entry of visa nationals in order to determine their eligibility to enter the country under the Immigration laws before they set out. Moreover, it is to effect a pre-entry check in order to identify and prevent from travelling to Ghana, people likely to pose a threat to national security and / or to engage in activities that contravene the laws of the country.
The two main legislations which govern the country’s visa regime are the IMMIGRATION ACT, 2000, [Act 573] and IMMIGRATION REGULATIONS, 2001, [L.I 1691].
It’s important to note that, a person other than a citizen of Ghana entering Ghana must be in possession of a valid passport or other travel document and a valid visa [where necessary] to enter Ghana.
Where a person who appears before an Immigration officer and does not have a visa or an emergency entry visa may be granted a visa subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by Regulations; and to such other conditions that the Immigration officer may impose.

Some countries in West Africa [ECOWAS member states] and some other countries in Africa are exempted from obtaining a visa before entering Ghana. Nationals from African Union member states who are not ECOWAS nationals may obtain a visa on arrival after the payment of the required fees. Similarly, holders of diplomatic/Service passports of selected countries, persons in direct airside transit, as well as holders of official passports of some specialised agencies listed in the Visa Regime of Ghana are exempt from obtaining a visa.

Moreover, there are two broad categories of Ghana Visas; those issued outside Ghana and those issued in Ghana. Visas issued in any of Ghana’s 56 Diplomatic Missions abroad cover single or multiple journeys for periods between Six months to Five years. Visas issued in Ghana, on the other hand, include Transit Visas, Emergency Entry Visas, Visas on Arrival and Re-Entry Visas.